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tv   CBS 5 News at Noon  CBS  November 16, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm MST

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students are still waiting to see what happens next - firefighters telling us the fifth floor where it all happened is an absolute mess.i want to get straight to some video and show you just how much damage students had to deal with. we're told a connection broke on a hot water pipe on the fifth floor - causing this huge flood of water.right now a restoration crew is inside drying the place out. as of last night - we were told that
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sleep elsewhere. some students tweeting last night after the incident - one student tweeting thoughts that never occured to me before moving into college. does barrett housing include flood insurance? #juniperfourthfloor. take a listen to what one freshman who lives just down the hall had to go through. ryan dycus, asu freshman says, " the water was running out of the entrance doors to the dorm hall and it was sort of coming out of the courtyard you could see the water seeping throug the con floor and people on social media were posting water moving through the hallway. it was pretty bad. ." we're still working to learn just how long these students will be displaced for.some students have told us it could be up to six days or even longer if there's mold but we're still working to confirm that with property managers
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brothers wanted for a murder in connecticut.. have been arrested in arizona.following the murder, juan chach and ignacio chach- aperez took off, evading police for 3 days. police believe they were headed to mexico and made it all the way to the valley before they were caught. they were arrested last night and taken to a maricopa county jail. they will be extradicted to connecticut to face charges. a scary accident was caught on camera in the valley..take a look... a concrete mixer truck toppling over outside a valley gas can see the truck there... just fall on it's side this happened at the chevron near 35- th avenue and camelbackphoenix police tell. .. a shift in wieght was responsible for the accident... and no one was hurt. almost every bone in this veteran's body was broken, after a driver hit him and left him for dead. and now...
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hospital fighting for his life since last week.the 58-year-old disabled veteran was walking in this crosswalk near 67th avenue and glendale on monday.. when he was hit by a car.ramon is now on a ventilator.he also fractured his skull, broke ribs, his arms and his legs. his family says they're in disbelief. leah says, "now my dad is in a world of pain and i can't do anything " like...(crying) just like want him to come home"police are looking for a 1998 toyota corolla gold in color.the family says the license plate starts with the letter b.if you have any information, call police. an h-o-a in the west valley is trying to ban sex offenders... from living in their's happening in the palm valley community association in goodyear..the
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amendment to the cc&r's-- or community rules -- to prohibit level two and three registered sex offenders from living there.the proposal now up for a member-wide vote.we asked two top real estate attorneys whether this is legal-- and we were told on it's face, it is -- but that does not mean the h-o-a would be protected from a lawsuit should someone decide to fight it.neighbors we talked to liked the idea. 3 , homeowner says, "i don't door and let my kids comes out to the park and play for fear of who might ving in next door." the vote of the full membership is scheduled for december 2nd. some low flying helicopeters that rattled homes in north and central phoenix last night.four blackhawk helicopters... and two other choppers.. were flying night practice missions.our penguin air and plumbing news chopper caught the choppers right after they landed at papago
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department of defense and phoenix police department have more of these drills scheduled today and tomorrow. toss to ian - first weather. let's talk about this shift we are about to have. >> a big shift on the way. for the longest time we have been above normal. temperatures will drop to below the time lapse from the arizona science center. the story is there is plenty of clouds out there today. tons of sunshine yesterday. we are seeing more cloud cover today. there is a nice shot of the london bridge. outside we are seeing cloud cover over the valley. look at the clouds streaming
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flagstaff seeing clouds as well. the cool down will come from a cold front that's currently jogging across the central w!sof california. that will change our weather going into your thursday. temperatures not bad. still above normal for today. 76 deer valley. 72 peoria. 73 goodyear. ?#$xe/? upper 50s in flagstaff. 80 yuma. 79 tucson. #ub overlooking downtown phoenix 76 degrees currently. the wind is calm. we'll see temperatures go up to 80 today. then down to 75 by 6:00 p.m. then 69 degrees by 8:00 p.m. it is not just cool weather that's on the way. win is also on the way. we'll talk about what kind of
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taking flight late earn today. first show at 7:30 tonight. it runs until sunday. i want to talk to laura to tell us about what people can expect
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well "12news at noon" o?o1
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>> people are noticing they have headaches. >> tonight we are taking a look at some common health problems that come from too much phone use. we are giving you quick fixes so your phone turn. [indiscernible] two freight trains collided in florida causing a major derailment with train cars along the track. this happened early this morning in 100-miles northwest of orlando.? two train workers are being treated for minor injuries. they were carrying coal and rock. this derail. caused a 4,000 gallon fuel leak. rail workers are trying to figure out how this happened. the trump transition team says they are making progress
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elect mike pence ordered the removal of all lobbyist. >> reporter: president-elect donald trump's children and members of his transition team returned to trump tow -- tower this morning to form a new agenda. >> there is a lot of things to do. economic priorities are regulatory, trade and infrastructure. >> reporter: challenged reports that his team is in disarray tweeting ]%) the tweet comes after vice president-elect mike pence removed all lobbyists. he is also raising eyebrows after his team told the press
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tuesday at a nearby restaurant. the white house correspondent association said reporters are there to cover the president- elect and it is critical they are allowed to do their jobs. meantime companies owning apartment buildings in manhattan bearing the trump name took down the gold lettersm after tenants petitioned for the re -- removal. joined by former presidential candidate bernie sanders. 1200 mile pipeline will carry crude oil from a north dakota oil field to illinois. most of it has been built except for part in north dakota where native americans standing rock reservation say the pipeline this cut through sacred land and contaminate
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native americans at standing rock to show his support. >> they are standing up for america and standing up in the face of bullying. >> unity that has not existed in a long time is surging to the forefront and the allies are growing. this movement is growing. >> the company behind the pipeline says it will make oil cheaper and create jobs. president obama wrapped up his trip to greece today with a speech about de nerves about donald trump's election. the president told greece the american democracy is bigger than just one person. a site seeing trip to greece gave president obama a break from his mission assuring european i#c?leaders that donal trump will not abandoned them. the president praised greece as the birthplace of democracy but
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the pop list movement lead by trump. >> you are going to have to guard against a rise in a crude, sort of nationalism or ethic identity or tribalism that is built around an us and a them. >> economic social changes alienated people. leaders like trump successfully tapped into that anger. oklahoma city's airpo shooting on tuesday. police swarmed will rogers world airport going car to car searching for1 shot southwest airlines employee michael winchester. the man was lying in wait to shoot winchester while he walked between a crowded terminal and the employee parking area. winchester was taken to the
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pronounced dead. >> it is very early in this investigation. detectives have been able to determine that the suspect was an exemployee of southwest airlines. >> he was found dead from an apparent suicide yesterday. police believe the shooting was retaliation from being fired from that airline. let's look at the big board. the dow is down 52 points at 18,870. a lot of red on the board. apple is vowing to popular demand and go old emoji on the left. replacement is in the middle. the new version is on the right. they are kind of going back. it is a peach with a longer stem. you might be wondering why wasn't anybody upset about the peach emoji changing? the old version looked like a butt. that was the only reason anybody ever used it.
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they were talking about your butt. everybody was upset with the more pc peach. they put a stem on it. >> apple has issues and they are solving them. check this photo out. this is sweet. andrew, a great photographer. you can see the stars out there. the milky way. awesome shot there. he sent this to our facebook page. on the bottom frame of that picture. we have clouds overhead today. there is plenty of them. they are not bringing rain. as we look at the courthouse there is the time lapse. you can see it skips it again. a look at the flagstaff web cam. that's a beautiful one. you can see clouds moving in there. the camera was getting kicked around a bit. definitely cloud cover. you can see on the satellite picture all the gray streaming
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just gray, you are not going to see any green. this is a dry system that will impact us. it is d8qw/qvnot just clouds in valley it is state-wide from flagstaff to tucson. as far as the valley goes here's a live look. we are seeing gloomy skies but it is filtered sunshine. as far as temperatures go 76 right now in phoenix. winds are calm. we'll top out around 84 today. normal is 75. that all changes tomorrow here. it is going to bring a cold front. that cold front is over california right now. it is going to blast through the area over night and really drop our temperatures for thursday. we are in the mid 80s for our high today. this is what temperatures will look like for tomorrow. these are the highs. a high of 73 in the valley. maybe 72 in some spots. in the 40s in flagstaff. we'll be in the 50s in prescott. this will be the coolest air we
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season long. keep in mind maybe grab a jacket. it is within did in the high -- windy in the high country. it will stay windy for the next 24-hours. we are seeing oranges and reds. that's 30 to 45 miles per hour range of winds. tomorrow morning we are seeing blues and greens. that's 25 miles per hour. windy down by yuma for thursday afternoon and thursday evening. we see the wind relax by forecast. we do see changes as we get going into your weekend. we'll start to warm up. back into the low 80s. it is looking like a very, very nice weekend. then the chance of rain as we start next week. 70 degrees and a 40% chance for some rain on monday. >> we'll cool down and get back warm then it will rain. >> it is the ying and the yang of weather. >> we'll take it.
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feeling like fall. a california man carried a
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start dialing. we are giving away a four pack of tickets to the arizona international auto show. it runs november 24th around thanksgiving until the 27th at the phoenix convention center. the number is on your screen. the fifth caller jxtz?swins. good luck! for weeks people in rukbb?t south bay section of los angeles have been jolted away the in the middle of the night by an incredibly loud horn. they had no idea where it was coming from until now. listen (horn blowing). >> police arrested this man. he was blasting the horn, as
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he had a compressed air tank in the backseat, two train horns mounted in the engine compartment and a switch by the driver's seat to activate that really loud horn. get this, he tried to convince the cops that the train horn was standard equipment on the car. like they sell cars like that. eventually he admitted he was blasting the horn because he neighbors in that area. ";.ek now he charge for n;b that's insane. we'll have a last look at your forecast coming up. first, here's a look at what is coming up later tonight on
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84 chance of rain next week. >> it will be odd to see how that feels in the morning. >> it will be a shock for everyone. we'll see you back here at 5:00. >> recently i found out my wife has been cheating on me. >> the husband who said he used has been cheating on me. >> the husband who said he used a
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? >> brooke: [ sighs ] >> bill: what's the opposite of closure? because it's what i need from you. >> quinn: [ sighs ] >> wyatt: oh, the conquering hero! >> kristina: awesome show yesterday, mrs. forrester. >> quinn: thank you, kristina. quite the stage manager, aren't you? >> wyatt: oh, no, nothing was staged, and your interns have been waiting for you. >> charlotte: here are phone messages from last night and this morning. >> kristina: e-mail requests for interviews and inquiries from buyers. >> pam: uh, charlotte, take the mail down to legal and accounting, will you? >> wyatt: uh, all of it? >> pam: no.


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